Austin is the county seat of the Travis County in Texas. The Travis County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) is one of the major agencies responsible for law enforcement in The Lone Star State. If you aim to start a career with the TCSO, this piece will tell you how to get there.

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Requirements to Become a Sheriff in Austin (Travis County)

Following are the requirements to become a Law Enforcement Deputy Sheriff with the TCSO. You will have to clear these to eventually move on to the process of becoming the Sheriff of Travis County. Candidate:

  • Should be at least 21.
  • Must be a legal United States national. This includes both individuals born in the US and naturalized Americans.
  • Should possess a high school diploma. The equivalent GED (General Educational Development) certificate is acceptable too.
  • Should qualify with a weapon on an annual basis according to Departmental Standards.
  • Fulfill all Physical Readiness Testing requirements of the TCSO.
  • Must have a valid state of Texas driver’s license. Candidates who don’t have one should obtain it within 90 days.
  • Should complete a basic Peace Officer Certification from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE).

Steps to Become a Sheriff in Austin (Travis County)

The procedure to join the TCSO as an Officer/Deputy Sheriff (Corrections or Law Enforcement) is outlined below.

Step 1 : Review All Agency Disqualifiers

This is a list of permanent and temporary disqualifiers adhered to by the Travis County Sheriff’s Office. They include various degrees of getting in trouble with the law. Check out the complete list on the TCSO website.

Step 2 : Apply Online

Once you submit the online application, your eligibility will be ascertained according to the requirements set forth by the TCOLE and the TCSO.

Step 3 : Pass All Mandatory Tests

After your application review is completed, you must clear all entrance tests. The TCSO normally conducts a Vocabulary Test, a Reading Comprehension Test and a Physical Readiness Test (PRT).

Step 4 : Personal History Statement

Complete the Personal History Statement (PHS) packet. Other than the statement, you must furnish the following documents.

  • Birth certificate.
  • Social security card.
  • Driving license or ID card with current address.
  • Updated auto insurance proof.
  • Academic documents.
  • Military form DD-214 (if applicable). For veterans, Member 4 is required.
Step 5 : Background Scrutiny

A thorough investigation of your background will be carried out by the TCSO.

Step 6 : Oral Review Board Interview

Once all background checks are done, you will appear before the Oral Review Board for a detailed interview.

Step 7 : Placement on Eligibility List

If you qualify the interview, you will earn a place on the TCSO’s eligibility list

Once you have completed the above process and have been appointed to work as a corrections officer, you are advised to get a few years of experience. This experience will be important when you apply to become the sheriff of Travis County.

The process to become a sheriff in Travis County is as follows:

Step 1:

Submit an application with the county

Step 2:

Plan and run your electoral campaign

Step 3:

Win the elections and assume office for the next 4 Years

How Long Is Needed to Become a Sheriff in Austin?

This is a long term process. Once you join the TCSO after completing training, you will have to serve as a Law Enforcement or Corrections Deputy Sheriff/Officer for a few years to become eligible for the sheriff’s ballot.

How Much Does a Sheriff Make in Austin?

The starting salary of a Law Enforcement Deputy Sheriff working for the TCSO is $53,347.85 a year. As the person in command of the TCSO, the sheriff is a highly paid professional.

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