Columbus is the county seat of the Franklin County in Ohio. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) is a full-service law enforcement agency responsible for protecting the lives and property of all citizens of the county. If you want to join the FCSO with the aim of becoming Franklin County Sheriff one day, this guide has all the needed information.

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Requirements to Become a Sheriff in Columbus (Franklin County)

To become a sheriff in Columbus (Franklin County), you may start off with the FCSO in the capacity of Deputy Sheriff in Corrections. Once appointed, you will have to gain the required law enforcement experience and work your way up the department to become eligible for the sheriff elections.

The requirements for joining the FCSO as Deputy Sheriff in Corrections are outlined below. Candidate:

  • Should have attained a minimum age of 18.
  • Must have passed high school at least. In case of not having a high school diploma, the alternative GED (General Educational Development) will be acceptable too.
  • Should be able to read and write English fluently.

Steps to Become a Sheriff in Columbus (Franklin County)

Once you have met the basic requirements mentioned above, you will be eligible to apply for employment with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. The steps below outline your possible journey to the position of Franklin County Sheriff.

Step 1:

Meet all eligibility conditions and enroll for law enforcement training for a career with the FCSO.

Step 2:

Join the FCSO as a law enforcement officer (corrections officer, deputy sheriff, corrections records officer, etc.) after completing training.

Step 3:

Work in this capacity for a few years to fulfill the minimum work experience requirement for contesting sheriff elections.

Step 4:

Once you come up to the minimum work experience demands, you can put your name in for the sheriff’s ballot. In this regard, you will have to file all the necessary paperwork with your county to enter the race for sheriff.

Step 5:

Run your election campaign and make the voters understand that you are the best person for the job.

Step 6:

Win the majority vote in the elections to assume office as the Franklin County Sheriff.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Sheriff in Columbus?

A sheriff in any city/county is an elected position and becoming one is a long-term process. Once you are done with training and have taken up a law enforcement position with the FCSO, you will have to work in this position for a number of years to gain eligibility for the sheriff elections.

How Much Money Does a Sheriff Make in Columbus?

The starting annual salary of a Facility Security Officer (after training) working for the FCSO is $38,188.80. As a person moves up and contests the sheriff elections, the compensation will increase accordingly. Since the sheriff heads a major law enforcement department, a lucrative salary is paid to them.

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