The San Francisco Sheriff Department has been around since 1846. To date, it has gone through several phases such as the volatile 1870’s, the 20th century disaster and growth period and the new waves of reform in the recent years. Today, the sheriff’s department is organized into divisions and units to effectively provide a number of services to the residents of the county. The three main divisions include the Custody Operations Division, the Field Operations Division and the Administration And Programs Division.

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If you are interested in getting elected as the Sheriff of San Francisco County, the following information on how to become a sheriff in San Francisco will be of great use to you. Continue reading.

Requirements to Become a Sheriff in San Francisco

The following requirements for becoming a sheriff in San Francisco are generally applicable to all of California State. Specific requirements may be put into place by the San Francisco County. You may get in touch with a county representative for detailed information.

  • Applicant should be at least 18 years old
  • Applicant should have a high school diploma or a GED
  • Candidate should have a few years of experience as a police officer to ensure he/she understands the terrain well
  • Candidate should be in good mental and physical shape to be able to deal with the tough job description
  • Candidate should have resided in the San Francisco County to be eligible to apply for its sheriff
  • Candidate should have an honorable military discharge, if applicable
  • Candidate should have a valid driver’s license for the state of California
  • Candidate should not have any felony convictions

Steps to Become a Sheriff in San Francisco County

The position of a sheriff is an elected concern. To become a sheriff, you will have to follow a strict election process and hope to win at the end. You cannot be appointed as the sheriff of the San Francisco County. Deputy Sheriffs, however, are appointed through a pre-defined process.

Step 1 : Gain a Few Years of Law Enforcement Experience

This is part of the minimum requirements criteria for a sheriff.

Step 2 : Consider Investing in a College Degree

This is not a mandatory requirement, but it is highly recommended as it will help you develop a better understanding of the legal framework and will also make you a more valid candidate in the eyes of the voters.

Step 3 : Meet San Francisco County’s Minimum Requirements

This would usually involve various kinds of tests and background checks that you will have to clear.

Step 4 : Plan and Run Your Electoral Campaign

This would be the most important part of the entire process. Make sure you plan and execute it impeccably.

Step 5 : Get Elected and Assume Office

This would typically be the start of a four-year long term.

How Much Does a Sheriff Make in San Francisco County?

A Sheriff’s Lieutenant in San Francisco made $176,590.10 in regular pay in 2017. The total pay, including benefits and incentives, amounted up to $546,240. The salary of a sheriff is not a publicly available figure.

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