If you want to become a sheriff in Houston, you must note a few things.

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Houston is the county seat of Harris County, which is located near the Galveston Bay. It is one of the most populous cities in the US, with an ever increasing need for crime fighting.

If you want to become a sheriff in Houston, you would technically be running for the office of sheriff in Harris County. The position of a sheriff is an elected concern, therefore, you will have to wait for the previous sheriff’s four-year term to finish and for elections to take place again. When the elections are due, you are advised to follow the process listed below and fulfill the requirements as outlined in this guide.

Requirements to Become a Sheriff in Houston

The following requirements are meant to be taken as general guidelines. For specific information, you are requested to check with your local county office.

  • Applicants should be at least 18 years of age
  • Applicants s have to be US citizens
  • Applicants should have at least a high school diploma or a GED
  • Applicants should be physically and mentally fit
  • Applicants should have lived in the area of which they want to become the sheriff

Steps to Become a Sheriff in Houston

To become a sheriff in Houston, you will have to wait for election time. When it arrives, you should follow the steps listed below. Bear in mind, however, that the following steps are somewhat generic, and for exact requirements, you will have to consult your local county department.

Step 1:
Enroll in a Police Academy:

Since it is necessary to become a police officer and gain some law enforcement experience before you can become a sheriff, this would be the best way to kick start the process.

Step 2: Get Some Law Enforcement Experience:

Since the position of a sheriff is a leadership position, it is important for you to understand the inner workings of a law enforcement department to be able to successfully lead it.

Step 3:
Get a College Degree:

This is not a requirement. However, it is highly recommended that you invest in a college degree, such as a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

Step 4: Meet the Minimum Requirements Set by Your County:

Make sure you are aware of your county’s requirements to be eligible for the office of sheriff.

Step 5:
Plan Your Campaign and Kick Things Off:

Ensure that you have meticulously planned your electoral campaign. This would involve putting together a capable team and the right amount of finances.

Step 6: Get Elected and Assume Office:

If you manage to get the most number of votes, you will be asked to take an oath and assume office.

How Much Does a Sheriff Make in Houston?

According to data from Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the base salary for a Deputy Sheriff for the first 11 months of employment is $44,862. The Deputy Sheriff’s maximum salary is $68,643 in Harris County. The salary figure for the sheriff of this county is not publicly available but since he will be the sheriff of the entire county, the salary is expected to be much higher.